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Mar 2019

Understanding Angels and Demons pt.2

There were some questions that had came in regarding Angels and Demons. Today we will be answering those questions and hopefully helping you grow in your walk. When you play chess, it is helpful to know all the players and their skills. I hope today will be a blessing to you! Happy Listening!

Mar 2019

Stories from the Pastor

We took a little bit of a break today from the normal discussion-type format so our Pastor can tell us one of the more important moments in his life... when he finally decided to obey GOD. Happy Listening!

Mar 2019

Understanding the Law

There isn't much I can say without giving away what we talk about, so dive on in! Happy Listening!

Apr 2019

Understanding Romans pt.1

This weeks podcast is about a truth your have to know as a Christian. I hope this helps you! Happy Listening!

Apr 2019

The True Christian Life Pt.1

This week we continue with the journey of looking at what a normal Christian Life really is! Happy Listening!

Apr 2019

The True Christian Life pt.2

This week we are covering more about the fundamental, true, Christian life. I hope this will help! Happy Listening!

Apr 2019

Round Table Talk pt.1

Just a bunch of questions we asked. We tried to do a lesson, but instead, we just asked questions. I hope you enjoy it! Good Listening!

May 2019

Stories from the pastor pt.2

Hi Guys! sirry for the issue on this podcast! I uploaded it, but my session must have timed out or something. I hope you'll enjoy this one! Happy Listening!

May 2019

Rasing Children pt.3

Back at it again this week! This week we talk about how to handle certain issues and work with children. I hope it will be a blessing to you! Happy Listening!

Jun 2019

Understanding Death

What to say about this one... This one just talks about what death really is for a believer and some misconceptions people have about death. Happy Listening!

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