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Jun 2019

Ministering to GOD pt.1

Sorry for all the delays! My computer can no longer connect to the internet, so its putting a bit of a hamper on my uploading. Hoping to get it all sorted out here really soon. Hope this recording finds you well everyone! This is a great sit down about what it means to serve the house and serve GOD. you may say, What's the difference? Well, that and more is in todays talk! Happy listening!

Jun 2019
Oct 2019

A lesson in Salvation pt.1

Sorry for the delay! Much has been going on around here. We have recorded a bunch of new content that will be released in the next few days. I hope this will help deepen your understanding of what salvation and Christianity is! Happy listening!

Nov 2019

The Life of Jacob pt.1

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This podcast is about the Life of Jacob and what we need to know about life from him! Good listening!


Dec 2019
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