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Jan 2019

Understanding Solomon 1-18-19

This is our first Podcast! We are discussing in the episode what Solomon knew and why. This podcast is an exploration and deep dive into questions we have about the Bible, how it applies to our lives, and deep dives into passages of scripture. If you are wanting messages, we keep an archive on our website, free for listening and download. We also are on KCHA 95.9 fm every Sunday at 10 AM

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Jan 2019
Feb 2019
Feb 2019
Feb 2019

Keeping the Faith in Prayer

We all struggle sometimes in keeping hope in prayer right? I know I do. This is just a sit down and an honest assessment on how to keep from being discouraged when prayers go unanswered. I hope this helps! Good listening!

Feb 2019

Our Sin Nature

Welcome to The Weekend! I hope this message finds you well. This week's podcast is about our sin nature and what is sin exactly as opposed to sins. I hope it's a blessing to you. Good Listening!

Feb 2019

Understanding Worship

Please excuse the rough sound quality. We are working to improve equipment to no longer have this issue.

This is a podcast to help you understand what worship is and what is expected of the believer by GOD in worship. It also talks about what causes us some of the anxiety we have.

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Mar 2019

How to start your morning off right podcast

Hello everyone! This week is on how to order your morning right and how to maximize what your routine is. From what to read, to when to pray, this lesson covers it all! Good Listening!

Mar 2019

Understanding Angels and Demons

Today there is a lot of focus and misunderstanding about Angels, and worse, Demons. This podcast is all about helping you understand who they are, and what their jobs are. Good Listening!

Mar 2019

Introduction to Understanding Spiritual Warfare

Ever wonder why you feel the way you do or can't overcome a struggle in your life, get free from depression, or have better self-discipline? Man, do I have the answer for you! this is the introduction to understand most all of life's problems and how to overcome them! Good Listening!

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